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Quarantine Day 16: I Need My Government Handout

This Covid-19 pandemic has hurt us all in one particular place: our wallets. Unemployment is breaking records not seen since The Great Depression and businesses from movie theaters to airlines are asking for bailouts to continue operating. Of courses restaurants like Ruth Chris are getting bailout funds but not dispensing it out to the staff that is out of work.

And then there’s me. I’ve never filed for unemployment before, but I’m currently in a situation where I’m being forced to come up with $900 per month to pay my rent while I’m unemployed. I have about 30 days before my rent is due and I’m furiously trying to find a form of employment. I was awarded $200 in assistance from something I found in a press release and I’ve got an email of other resources, like the United Way, that I need to reach out for. Tonight I’m going to begin filling out the application to receive food stamps. I definitely need that $250 per month for food.

Let’s just hope this pandemic comes to and end soon and the job market is hungry to hire people like myself.

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