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Quarantine Day 15: 2020 Is the Year for Tim Dillon

I’ll be the first to admit that I was late to the Tim Dillon party. It wasn’t until he started popping up on podcasts like Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, Bert Kreischer’s Bertcast and The Joe Rogan Experience. But Dillon was on a roll long before he made the rounds on the podcast world.

If I had to point to one thing Tim Dillon does remarkably well it must be his ongoing takedown of the media and it’s coverage of the political stratosphere. There’s not a comic on the planet that annihilates the media like Dillon. And let’s be honest, the media needs to be drug down the hallway and tossed down the stairs. Meanwhile Dillon is the one at the top having just shoved them down.

Dillon spares nobody. Anyone and everyone has been a target of the videos Dillon uploads to social media. Crazed Trump supporters get their hypocrisy waves in their faces. The backwards hat-wearing Bernie Bros get slapped around. The delusional Warren brigade got chopped down at the knees. Because of Dillon’s energetic, often crazed videos he’s earned himself a few temporary bans from social media. He’s got the right amount of energy to seem passionate but not over-the-top which can often appear extra.

Tim Dillon and his comedy is the best thing to happen to political comedy since the best times of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In today’s political climate, Dillon is the hero we need right now, but not the hero we deserve.

Check out Tim Dillons many videos pointing out the absurdity that surrounds Megan McCain. On Tuesday on The Joe Rogan Experience, Dillon informed us that he learned that McCain doesn’t find his comedy funny. He said that she wasn’t amused when he suggested that she wanted to sleep with her late father, Senator John McCain.

Rebel on Dillon. Rebel on.

Check out Tim Dillon on Twitter, Instagram and his YouTube channel. (Until he gets permanently banned.)

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