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Quarantine Day 17: Application 01: A Marijuana Dispensary

I have my resume uploaded and information updated in ZipRecruiter. It was a bit tedious and repetitive, but once it’s all done applying (correctly) for positions is a breeze. You can just apply by clicking “apply” and know the company gets your resume and relevant information you previously configured. I will say this, of all the websites that are aimed to help people find jobs, I genuinely believe ZipRecruiter to be the best. I’ve used Ladders, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter and a few others I can’t think of right now, but to me, ZipRecruiter is the best and I’ve landed two positions using their services.

On Friday I applied to a position as an IT manager with a company about 30 minutes away. After applying with ZipRecruiter I got a notification that my resume was viewed. Interesting I thought and I began to Google the company and I found out it was a marijuana dispensary. Wow. This would be my dream job. Even though I don’t use marijuana I am a big fan of legalization and would be honored to work on the frontlines of progress. I wish my resume was a bit more detailed and explained all the areas that I know, but there’s only so much I can fit in one resume. So, after looking again at the job posting I emailed the company and requested for an interview. I explained that I have experience in all of the areas they need help and I have experience as an IT manager in retail tobacco stores in Kentucky and Indiana. This is perfect experience and this would be a dream job to land. Today I received an email letting me know that my resume was viewed again and on Monday I plan to call the company and again ask for an interview. I believe if I could get in front of them that I could impress them with my knowledge and I hopefully they would agree that I would be a good fit with their company.

I called a friend and asked that she pray for me. This job would change everything and there’s nothing that I want more in the world.

I’m crossing my fingers.

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